Techno Cooking


The company was set up as Officine e Smalterie Vicentine by Enrico Dell’Orto. The early enamelling works quickly developed into a production operation that became the first Italian company to market built-in kitchen appliances.


Smalvic successfully introduced its built-in appliances in the “fitted kitchen”  category at the Milan Trade Fair. In those days, the kitchens were pressed, enamelled and assembled entirely in-house.


The company built on its flair for market flexibility, specialising in producing ovens and hobs, some under the Smalvic brand and others on behalf of the major Italian kitchen manufacturers (including Arclinea, Snaidero and Febal); Smalvic appliances began to be marketed in Italy through specialised distributors in Milan, Florence, Rome, Ancona and Naples, and also to appear in designer kitchens.


The company embarked on an internationalisation process. The 1980s
saw the company developing and entering into trading relationships with partners outside Europe (the first countries were Lebanon and Israel). Most of these trading relationships are continuing with success.


The company began to design and build free-standing kitchenettes with an industrial look; it continued to produce hobs for homes and professional kitchens. During the 1990s, Smalvic was also the first Italian company to produce a ventilated gas oven and also started to build and market pyrolytic ovens.


The oven range (electric and gas) underwent a significant transformation, switching from standard built-in unit sized products to new extra-small or extra-large units designed to adapt to new requirements in terms of kitchen spaces and international markets. The marketing network also underwent a radical change during this decade.


Paola Gasparini, granddaughter of the founder, became Managing Director of Smalvic.


Smalvic celebrated this important company milestone – 50 years of ideas, workmanship and passion – by bringing about a peaceful revolution. It changed the technology of many products, redefining their identity through design and advertising their positioning.


NEXT, an innovative ceramic glass hob designed for Smalvic by brogliatotraverso design studio, won the iF Design Award 2015 in the Product Design category, and also the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015, a much-coveted award that distinguishes good design with an internationally-recognised quality seal.


The firm’s collaboration with the brogliatotraverso design studio resulted in the NEXT oven; an outstanding product, with unmistakable smart capacitive touch-control handles that wed design, technology and usability. This marked an important step in Smalvic’s innovative career, for an increasingly international, contemporary and sustainable kitchen.