a new material
to discover

An innovative material
for a new way of looking at

Gres is a practical and great-looking heat-resistant ceramic stoneware. Smalvic has applied it to create a new range of uncluttered hobs that combine the strength of gres stoneware with all the benefits of a classic induction hob.

A smart hob
for a contemporary kitchen

Easy-to-clean GRES hobs come with touch control, automatic off function and 9 power levels. They also automatically recognise the position of the pan and its thickness, adjusting the heat accordingly. This makes for an easier kitchen, attuned to contemporary rhythms.

Smalvic colours
your kitchen

Why limit yourself to grey or black? GRES hobs are also available in red, orange and creamy yellow for minimum quantities only. Colour your kitchen to match your creativity at the stove!