Smalvic is a byword
for genuine ITALIAN DESIGN

Our appliances
have always been Italian

Our products have been exclusively conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy since 1958.
Stylistic excellence, great durability, cutting-edge technology and respect for the environment. Our values are an expression of a specific cultural, local and human identity that the whole world admires.

Anyone who buys a Smalvic appliance is buying into our quality philosophy above all, as well as the certainty of a product designed to meet everyday needs. For a functional, stylish and contemporary kitchen. Italian kitchen design, in other words.

A guarantee of a
quality product

that never dies

Our industrial production is rooted in a manufacturing tradition that is part of history yet never ceases to progress. This is the only way we know to make products that are excellent in every way, environmentally friendly and highly customisable, to meet the needs of an ever-wider and more diversified market.