• Rendezvous with design
    Smalvic at Fuorisalone

    Smalvic reconfirms the partnership with Arthesi, high end brand of tailor-made kitchens by Artigiana Arredi, with their presence at the Fuorisalone – Milano Design Week 2018.

    We wait for you at the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti
    (Piazza Mercanti 2 – metro Duomo), in Milan
    from Wednesday April 18th to Friday April 20th
    from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

  • Bespoke training
    Field mission in the Arab Emirates

    The Smalvic staff (Giovanni Kalogerakis, export manager and Simone Buzzacchera, product quality and certification manager) have just arrived back from an interesting field mission to Dubai. As guests of Metallica Appliances, Smalvic dealer for the Arab Emirates, our managers held intensive special training days for the technicians and operators involved in installing and servicing our kitchen appliances. Needless to say, the focus was on products in demand in the target market, particularly the 90 electric oven and the Linea 45 combined microwave oven Italian style cooking now holds no secrets in the Emirates…

  • In Linear brings the Internet of things to the kitchen
    Domus presents IN LINEAR

    This Smalvic integrated system offers an ideal alignment of appliances with different functions and sizes for complementary and harmonious use of space in the kitchen. It is activated by a double panel with touch controls. It is one of the products featured in a special edition of Domus (the prestigious international design magazine) dedicated to the kitchen of the future. Kitchens, and appliances in particular, are smarter and more cooperative. Interconnecting conventional ovens, microwave ovens, food heaters or other options using In Linear is Smalvic’s triumphant response to the need for integration. This is only the beginning, there is more to come…

  • A very prestigious award
    NEXT oven won the GOOD DESIGN 2017 award.

    A few days ago our NEXT oven won the GOOD DESIGN 2017 award assigned every year by the Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design in collaboration with The European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. This is a highly prestigious international award for industrial innovation in projects and products worldwide. Created in Chicago in 1950 by the architects Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames and Edgar Kaufmann, Jr, the Good Design Award rewards excellence in industrial design, and in its sixty-plus years of history it has been given to some of the world’s leading industrial manufacturing brands. In 2017, the authoritative panel of experts selected the winners from thousands of candidates from over 48 countries. The award constitutes an important acknowledgment of Smalvic’s manufacturing ability and validates its increasingly marked focus on design in the products it builds.

  • Annual Meeting 2017
    It seems like it was yesterday, but two months have passed since our Annual Meeting.

    It seems like it was yesterday, but two months have passed since our Annual Meeting, which took place this year at Villa Godi Piovene in Sarmego di Grumolo delle Abbadesse (Vicenza). It was an opportunity to meet and intensively exchange ideas; we talked about what Made in Italy means to us, how to build a value-added chain, our domestic market that is finally picking up again, and international developments. Of particular interest was a roundtable coordinated by Raffaella Razzano, director of Ambiente Cucina, with the participation of Paola Gasparini, Alessandro Iegiani, Simone Buzzacchera, Giovanni Kalogerakis, Roberto Pizzutto, Lia Piovan, Francesca Tomasi and the journalist from Corriere Imprese Fiorella Girardo. Many new products were exhibited at the Villa: including the 90 cm version of the NEXT multifunctional oven, the Linea Gres coloured induction ranges, the Flat oven in its new dove-grey colour, the IN LINEAR perfect alignment system, the 60 cm Quadro pyrolitic oven, and the fine porcelain oven pans that can snap-fit into the oven grid. But, more than that, we met to spend some time together and discuss our work, made of commitment, sweat, but also lots of passion.

  • Taste has no boundaries
    The collaboration continues between Smalvic and ‘Taste&More magazine’

    The collaboration continues between Smalvic and ‘Taste&More magazine’, a digital magazine that presents in an original way the passion for good food, prepared well and often cooked with our ovens and hobs, immortalized in beautiful photographs. The bimonthly magazine, managed by a group of passionate food bloggers spread a bit throughout Italy, presents in every issue a series of seasonal recipes, described with great clarity and shot in photos of great effect. After the summer break, Taste&More will return in September; a heartfelt thanks to Tiziana Molti, Lara Bianchini, and Mary Pellegrino, who have chosen to use Smalvic kitchen appliances. You can also follow them on their blogs, respectively La barchetta di carta di zucchero (The sugar paper boat), L’ Ombelico di Venere (The navel of Venus), and Dafne’s corner.

  • International certifications for a smart company
    Certifications of Smalvic's quality

    A company with a strong international presence like ours knows well that exporting does not only consist in properly positioning the product in other markets: a smart factory must necessarily be oriented towards the future, supported by its technical and technological know-how. For appliances, you have to be prepared with the whole system of certifications that the markets require. You cannot go to the Persian Gulf countries without a certification like the G MARK, while in Australia and New Zealand you cannot sell gas products without the specific local certification, or in Saudi Arabia without the certification with the specific S.A.S.O. deviations. As for the electric and mixed electric/gas appliances, it is essential to have the CB scheme certification, that is, a certification scheme to be obtained following the specific deviations for the different countries of destination. And Smalvic has all of these strict certifications.

  • Safe enough to be worth double
    The 2 + 2 campaign will start in the coming months

    Many Smalvic appliances will have their warranty doubled, in a simple and immediate way. By registering the new product on www.smalvic.it within 30 days of the purchase, the 2-year legal warranty will double, reaching 4 years! The extension of warranty, and therefore of assistance, will be free, except for the fee of the right of call, a concrete proof of the reliability of the appliances manufactured by our company. Because buying a Smalvic appliance means having the certainty of a quality product, Made in Italy, designed to give maximum performance, made to last. Warranty, quality, and safety have never been so easy to reach, they are right at your fingertips.

  • Customer service for every need
    Our customer service is always ready to meet any demands

    After the sale, begins the true story of the product, this is why Smalvic considers the after sales service and support to be particularly important. Our customer care is always ready to respond to customers’ requests, be it the end-user or retailer. We want to do our best to make the buying experience of our appliance as easy and enjoyable as possible; this is why responding with punctuality and accuracy to your questions is for us a precise commitment. Our customer service is active Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 1.00 pm and from 2 pm to 5.30 pm, by calling at 0445.865810 or by sending an email to customerservice@smalvic.it

  • A cult product for those who love beer
    Smalvic offers the unique, inimitable beer dispenser for home use

    Presented in preview in catalogue 36 and during some events, Smalvic offers the unique, inimitable beer dispenser for home use. Part of the Linea 45, which ensures a perfect modularity of the appliance, the home dispenser can rely on a compressed refrigeration system of very small dimensions, a real exception in the built-in category. The cooling is extremely fast: from 20 to 4°C in just seven minutes, to always enjoy beer at the best temperature. Adaptable to the 5-litre kegs commonly found on the market, the Smalvic built-in dispenser, unique product of this kind on the Italian market, is equipped with a circuit sanitization system and a dispensing compartment with LED lighting. Professional performance, excellent components, it is a must-have accessory for beer enthusiasts.