Our products have been exclusively conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy since 1958.


Smalvic is ISO 9001 certified, an internationally recognised benchmark standard.

Energy efficiency

Sustainability and careful sizing to promote energy-saving are international values.

Guarantee of a quality product

Anyone who buys a Smalvic appliance is buying into our quality philosophy first and foremost, along with peace of mind from a product designed to meet every day needs effectively. For a functional, stylish and contemporary kitchen.

A genuine Italian-made appliance, in other words

Evergreen tradition

Our industrial production is rooted in a manufacturing tradition that is part of history yet forward-looking.

We aim to continue making products that are excellent in every respect, ultra-customisable, and sustainable in material use, featuring cutting-edge design and compliant with the needs of increasingly broad and diversified markets.

Our certifications

The technological know-how of our very international company is supported and guaranteed by a host of certifications that enable us to market our products in different markets. Smalvic is ISO 9001: 2015, certified. This standard is an internationally acknowledged benchmark of corporate process quality.

This notified body certifies the ISO 9001 Smalvic quality management system

This notified body certifies gas appliances according to EU regulation 2016/426 for the EU market and conducts product surveillance

CSA Group
Notified body certifying products intended for the US and Canadian markets; Smalvic products have been CSA-certified for over 10 years.

Notified body certifying appliance electrical safety. Its G MARK certification allows products to be sold in Persian Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.

This notified body certifies gas appliances according to EU regulation 2016/426 for the EU market.

Energy efficiency

All Smalvic product are made with sustainability and energy saving in mind. Thorough design has always been our watchword. Technologies intended to improve everyday life can reduce energy consumption and above all help create a sustainable future.

All Smalvic electric ovens come with an energy rating, rising to A++ for the highest specified electronic versions of the new 64 and 74 litre platform.

Recent European energy labelling legislation introduced new energy performance ratings that are higher than class A (A+, A++, A+++). Appliance manufacturers are now called on to offer top performance and greater transparency, providing end customers with actual consumption figures so they can choose the most efficient products.

New energy labelling aims to make energy consumption figures easier to read and more understandable, enabling consumers to make shrewder choices when buying home appliances.