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Experience and quality
in porcelain enamelling

Enamel works

The production of industrial porcelain enamel has been a part of Smalvic’s DNA since 1958

History and innovation

The ongoing focus on innovation and the ability to read the signs of market have been the principles that have driven Smalvic’s founder and are still the values of the current entrepreneurial generation at the head of the company.

Made in Italy

Smalvic is one of the small handful of manufacturing businesses on the Italian market that can carry out the entire enamelling process within its factories.

Reliable Partner

Its extreme organisational flexibility and exceptional technological know-how make Smalvic a reliable partner when it comes to manufacturing Italian products in porcelain enamel.

Values and the Environment

Strict compliance with standards and quality are the key words that identify our business strategy and the corporate system of values. Smalvic is sensitive to environmental issues and to the impact its industrial production has on the local environment, and is fully aware of the importance of human capital and the value of social responsibility.

Innovation and safety,
proactivity and eco-friendliness

Porcelain enamel

An inorganic, vitreous coating with protective and aesthetic qualities

After applying the coat, the enamel is glass-lined at very high temperatures; this process triggers chemical and physical reactions between the two surfaces that create a new material, which combines the properties of glass (hygiene and hardness) and those of the coated surface (in this case metal): strength, ductility and lightness. Rarely has the coupling of two materials as different as these been able to produce results that are so brilliant and versatile, both in terms of their aesthetic appeal and their performance.

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The chemical composition of enamel varies depending on the media and the features that one wishes to give "prominence" to in the final product. The result is an inert substance that does not absorb liquids or volatile compounds and that does not release harmful substances.


Porcelain enamel is resistant to fire, heat, cold, thermal shock, weather, corrosion caused by acids and alkalis and to organic solvents, scratching and abrasion.


The surface free of pores and cracks inhibits the proliferation of bacteria, mould and dirt. It is easy to clean and does not require any special maintenance.


The enamel can be coloured in gloss, matt and semi-opaque shades: the colours remain stable, brilliant and bright over time, even under the action of light and weathering.


Porcelain enamel can be applied on steel and cast iron, as a decorative and anti-corrosive coating, but also on aluminium and copper with antibacterial properties.


Porcelain enamel is environmentally friendly, as it is a natural and ecological product, and is 100% recyclable.

New-generation plants


The new manufacturing system relies on heavy automation

The Company uses two high-performing powder enamelling plants to apply coating on multiple product shapes and offer a wide range of colours.

For wet applications (i.e. involving the use of enamels dispersed in water), our enamel works use an immersion enamelling plant that can apply the coat on the most complex product shapes in a broad variety of colours, and two electrostatic enamelling plants (spray plants). This manufacturing system requires a high level of automation with robots capable of ensuring a highly uniform application of the enamel, with a remarkable improvement of the enamelled product’s aesthetic appeal.


2 high-performance systems

impianto polvere


variety of colours and complex shapes

impianto immersione


spray plants

impianto spruzzo

Manufacturing processes

The entire enamelling process takes place within our production plants
  • PICKLING TANKS: DWE processes
  • DEGREASING TANKS: Art Nouveau processes, 2 or 3 layers of enamel + heated glass-lining
  • 11 ROTARY MILLS: to grind the enamels and pre-mix into flakes
  • LIQUID ENAMELS: automated application with 2 electrostatic lines
  • ENAMEL POWDER: for cavities of any kind and size
  • PANELS (FLAT PIECES): dedicated line for the application of powdered enamel
  • FLOW COATING: application by immersion (tubes for refractory lining)
  • CATALYTIC PANELS: 1 line dedicated to enamel application
  • ENAMELLING KILNS: 2 kilns for the glass-lining process
  • QUALITY CONTROL: in-house lab for quality control

Added value
for the end customer


Special services


Smalvic can apply any type of colour combination its customers may request and can (on request) offer one of the broadest ranges of colour available on the market.

Screen printing

We can apply logos or labels with inorganic ink screen-printing. The chemical nature of this material, similar to that of enamel, allows us to incorporate the customisation in the final product, while guaranteeing the same chemical and physical properties.

Decorative decals

The enamelled product can also be decorated with decals, using a technique that is particularly suitable for curved and three-dimensional surfaces, because of the excellent flexibility and versatility of the process.

Private label

The finished products can be processed and shipped with custom packaging, in compliance with the Customer’s specifications.

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